Salim Karim Net worth | $1Million

Investigate Salim Karim Net worth. Conversely, Salim Karim is a versatile businessman who rose to prominence as Simpaisa’s CEO.

This innovative company makes it possible for customers to pay using their SIM cards directly, which considerably simplifies financial transactions for a lot of individuals.

When the two initially got together in 2017 for the premiere of Tapmad TV, their friendship blossomed into a passionate relationship.

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Biography Summary

Age 45 years – 50 years
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Business Tycoon
Education Bachelors in Economics
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Spouse Mahira Khan
Weight 78 kg
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Net Worth $1 million
Category Business People & Entrepreneurs


The most well-known aspect of Salim Karim’s career as the CEO of SimPasia

and a well-known businessman from Pakistan is that he was married twice to the adored Mahira Khan.

When their relationship was made public two years ago, the media took notice and got curious.

Even though Salim Karim has achieved success in the economic sector, his personal life is still greatly influenced by his connection with Mahira Khan.

This article explores Salim Karim Net worth and career journey.

Early Life

In Pakistan he was born, in 2005.

He completed his bachelor’s degree from Canada’s College of Western Ontario with a concentration in finance.

Although information about his parents and relatives is kept confidential, he currently resides in Karachi with his family.

Salim has purposefully shielded his private life from the media’s scrutiny in order to concentrate on his career aspirations.


Salim Karim has an exceptional profession history that is both shifted and noteworthy.

Before becoming well known as a prosperous Finance manager,

He worked for the Italian organization ENI for a considerable length of time.

From that point onward, he worked at GSK for 2.5 years as an associate brand administrator.

Salim began another business try in 2016 when he laid out SimPaisa, a firm that offers financial administrations to the overall population.

His entrepreneurial enthusiasm didn’t end there; he also co-founded Tapmad TV,

which helped to use internet streaming services to revolutionize Pakistan’s entertainment sector.
Many individuals are keen on Salim Karim’s excursion from a confidential financial manager to a person of note, mostly in view of his relationship with Mahira Khan.

He stays under the radar with regards to his own life, yet his staggering vocation achievements

and obligation to business keep him notable in Pakistan.

Career Achievements

Salim Karim has had a long vocation, scattered with eminent victories that feature his enduring devotion to quality and development.

He began his vocation with GSK as an assistant manager where he fostered his capacities in productive business the executives.

After this enlightening encounter, he worked for ENI for almost ten years,

where he acquired priceless knowledge of the workings of the corporate world.

Salim started Simpaisa in 2016 with the goal of creating something truly unique

and revolutionizing financial services in Pakistan.

This innovative company gained recognition for its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly experience, swiftly becoming the industry leader.

Never one to sit back and enjoy himself,

Salim branched out into the financial industry and was instrumental in the creation of Tapmad TV, an internet streaming service that completely changed Pakistan’s entertainment scene.

Beyond his own achievements, Salim Karim has a significant influence on Pakistan’s commercial landscape as a role model for nascent entrepreneurs hoping to leave their mark.

Net worth

Salim Karim’s precise net worth is unknown, however the success of his business says a lot about his prosperity.

He is regarded as a shrewd businessman in Pakistan, known for his consistency and grace in the business world. Salim Karim Net worth is $1Million.

Personal Life

Salim Karim and actress Mahira Khan’s long-awaited wedding eventually took place on October 1, 2023. Impressive numbers of loved ones from both families graced the little event, which captivated onlookers and reporters.

Salim was married to Mahira Khan, a famous actress and singer, in a lovely second marriage, which strengthened their relationship.


Salim Karim has had an incredible transformation from a private businessman to a well-known personality.

He has remained well-known due to his business endeavors, romantic relationship with Mahira Khan, and professional accomplishments.

Salim Karim is a notable character despite his discretion over his personal life, given his influence on Pakistan’s commercial scene and his sustained success.

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