Carryminati Net worth|$6 Million

Investigate Carryminati Net worth.In 2014, Carryminati — an Indian gamer, rapper, entertainer, and YouTuber — turned out to be notable for his entertaining recordings and gaming content.

He has gained attention from Forbes, Business Visionary, TMM, MensXP, and FACE. Carryminati’s silver, gold, and precious stone play fastens make him the top rapper, gamer, and YouTuber in Asia.

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Biography Summary

Name   Ajay Nagar
 Nickname  Carry
 Date of birth  12 June 1999
 Age   25 years in 2023
 Hometown   Faridabad, Haryana, (India)
 nationality   India
 Birth year  1999
 Profession name   Ajey Nagar
 Religion   Hinduism
 Occupation  Youtuber, Social media influences


 Profession  Youtuber, Social media influences
Wight   62 kg
 height   5.5 fit
 hair color  Black
 Eye color  Black
Net worth  $6 Million


Renowned YouTuber and virtual entertainment character CarryMinati hails from Faridabad, Haryana, India.

His channel, CarryMinati, is the highest-level YouTube direct in India for the Cooking Heartbeat humor classification.

On his channel, he has 41.3 million endorsers.

What’s more, he is notable on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other web-based entertainment locales. CarryMinati acquired reputation with his Broiling Recordings, which he originally used to taunt Indian culture on YouTube.

Early Life

In Faridabad, Haryana, India, he was born On June 12, 1999. While his father works as a farmer, his mother stays at home.

Because of his boyhood love in roasting, his parents are supportive of his profession in the field.

Since he was young, CarryMinati has had a sharp mind, and he is more interested in creating YouTube videos.


CarryMinati, a Delhi Public School graduate, initially lacked interest in college but continued to watch movies and play computer games during school.

When he was ten, he was given Windows 2017 to play games.

He created a movie and posted it on his Steal Thfearzz YouTube channel, which gained views.

He started a gaming-related channel called Addicted A1 at fifteen, which grew to over 150 Counter-Strike games videos in less than two years.

CarryMinati changed the channel name to Carry Deral due to user dissatisfaction.

He also started posting videos about dancers and singers, including Bhuvan Ban, and his hit song “BB Ki Vines.”

After reaching 100,000 followers, CarryMinati quit school to focus on YouTube full-time. Today, she has 41.3 million followers, making her the most popular Asian YouTuber.

Net worth

The estimated CarryMinati  net worth is $6 million.

Personal Life

CarryMinati isn’t dating right now. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or a past relationship.


To sum up, CarryMinati’s estimated net worth is $6 million.

YouTube videos, tie-up videos, and brand sponsorships are how he generates money.

Despite his enormous wealth, he is renowned for being kind and humorous.

CarryMinati’s opulent lifestyle and increasing wealth serve as an inspiration to content creators worldwide.

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