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Are you a gaming enthusiast? Did you want to contribute your stats about gaming techniques to a large audience? Write For Us is always looking for talented and passionate writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write for us a gaming blog about what you enjoy.  Whether you like writing opinion pieces, covering the latest breaking news stories, putting together helpful tips and guides, or writing informative gaming reviews, we have the platform for you. Share your informative thoughts that would be loved by our audience.

If you are a gamer with a keen interest in contributing to the gaming community, that is what our audience is looking for. If you know your way astonishingly around words and love everything about gaming, is a great platform for gamers to write for us gaming blogs and add more value to the community. Interested in gaming? write for us and enjoy the thrill of gaming and writing together to get more outreach.

Why Should You Write For Us Gaming Blog?

Even though we appreciate every piece of beautifully gamer-written work, we do have certain criteria regarding high niche content. Write For Us encourage and appreciates new video game writers who bring a touch of freshness to gaming blogs. You can also do some research about how to write for video game blogs before you begin writing to brush up on the skills you already have. 

As we are in the gaming niche we accept the following type of content :  

Game News Actionable 

Gaming Guides 

Gaming Tips & Tricks Listicles (best mods, best weapons, hardest bosses, etc.) 

Game Reviews Exploration of Gaming Topics and Culture  

Video Games (trailers, walkthroughs, etc.)

Through the gaming content, you can get more outreach of your story. Our readers love to hear about the aesthetic storytelling of gaming guides, tricks, trips, reviews, and exploration of more topics that are relevant to it. If you are passionate enough about the games and have created some incredibly interesting games and want other people to play it as well, then is a few clicks away to help you. It is a wonderful platform to promote your content and make it known to other people that love the community. Here you can submit a guest blog on gaming and let the people know about your amazing gaming experience.

Guidelines For The Submission Of Guest Post Content 

Writing content for the websites to take your outreach to large numbers of visitors. Here are some guidelines for the submission of guest posts are: 

  • Informative Content – Make sure that your content is clearer and to the point of informative context. All possible points should be clear to the reader. 
  • Word Count – Keep your article word count around 800 to 1000 words. 
  • Plagiarism Free – We don’t accept plagiarized articles, our team would check your content through Copyscape before publishing it on our website.
  • Your blog should be done with updated research for gaming content terms.  
  • Keep your content well-written in English, don’t jumble the words around it. 
  • While writing the content please specify the exact terms in simple meanings so that readers would get the exact point. 
  • While submitting Your content please make sure that your post doesn’t publish anywhere else. Write for us team to check all the key points before publishing your article. 
  • We appreciate you linking back to your blog post in your future articles – so please write something worth linking to.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites

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  • online games blogs write for us
  • write for us + “video games”
  • Game write for us 
  • Game blog “write for us” 
  • Tech blog “write for us” 
  • Digital Marketing + “write for us” 
  • technology + “write for us” + guest post 
  • “write for us” Tech Blog 
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  • “write for us” gamers
  • Games development submit a guest post
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How Do You Go About Publishing?

Once you have gone through that all the guidelines above, please email us your article and author bio to 

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